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This was 2019... Up to 2020!

2019 was in many ways a 'Grand Cru'-year for Mise*En*Scene: we played a lot of shows- some of our best ever - all over Europe, we played in country #30, recorded & released a new album, played at some really huge & cool festivals, met & hung out with the coolest/friendliest/craziest party people ever, AND to top all of that, we played a blistering show at the Trefpunt-festival during GENTSE FEESTEN, which was a real dream coming true for us. Playing in front of so many of our friends, colleagues, families, newbies to our sound really meant the world to us. Without any doubt this was THE highlight for us.

Looking forward to 2020, things are really looking promising. We've already been booked for some really, really cool festivals & clubshows and we'll be working on some new songs also. To start things of in a good way, we'll be playing a free show during the afterparty of Nieuwjaarsdrink of the City of Ghent. .

C ya around, happy 2020!!!

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