DEC 29 - THIS WAS 2019, UP TO 2020!

2019 was in many ways a 'Grand Cru'-year for Mise*En*Scene: we played a lot of shows
 - some of our best ever - all over Europe, we played in country #30, recorded & released a new album, played at some really huge & cool festivals, met & hung out with the coolest/friendliest/craziest party people ever, AND to top all of that, we played a blistering show at the Trefpunt-festival during GENTSE FEESTEN, which was a real dream coming true for us. Playing in front of so many of our friends, colleagues, families, newbies to our sound really meant the world to us. Without any doubt this was THE highlight for us.








Looking forward to 2020, things are really looking promising. We've already been booked for some really, really cool festivals & clubshows and we'll be working on some new songs also. To start things of in a good way, we'll be playing a free show during the afterparty of Nieuwjaarsdrink of the City of Ghent. C ya around, happy 2020!!!

Looking fo


After some well-deserved time off, M*E*S started writing and arranging some new songs, and started gigging again. Roeselare, Leuven, Moorsele & Deinze will be the final shows of this year.

Roeselare was a crazy fiesta to start things off. Up next, we're looking forward to play in one of Belgium's best concert venues (Leuven - Het Depot), a sold out festival in Moorsele and a show in the city of Deinze (where this band has its roots) with our pals in LONDON BULLET, who will go into indefinite hiatus after this.



Every now and again, as we review hundreds of albums here at Punk Online, you get one that just makes everybody look up, walk over, turn up the volume and then just break into wide smiles.
The new six track EP from perennial giggers, Mise*En*Scene (also known as M*E*S) is one of those releases

. -

5000 kms on the road, 12 shows, 6 countries. First time ever in Belarus, country number 30 in which we perform. So many impressions, so much fun, so many great people we met, and really great shows in front of enthusiastic crowds. Fiesta Fiesta Fiesta!!!

Here's a little aftermovie from what we reckon is one of the best tours we've ever done.
Thanks to each & everyone who made this tour possible: organizers, people that gave us beers/vodka/food/a place to sleep, bands we played with, people we shared a good time with, and everyone who came out to see us perform. Thanx!!!



Baudelo 19th of July, around 22h30. Our very first time we perform during Gentse Feesten, a show we've been longing for for a long time. This headlining show at Baudelohof surpassed our expectations in every possible way. Not only were we able to deliver the goods with a highly energetic show, but the crowd was the loudest & wildest bunch you can imagine. It felt soooo good to perform in front of so many of our friends, supporters and newcomers who experienced our crazy, positive vibes for the first time.
A phenomenal show in our books, and for sure the highlight in our career as a band.


JULY 2  - This is how we'll spend our Summer Vacation

Long time since we've done a Summertour, so this Summer... we'll do a summertour and will be touring Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. And hey, while we'll be there anyway, why not pay a visit to Belarus, country 30 which our band will be playing in? 

Best part of it: we will start our Summertour in our hometown Ghent, during
GENTSE FEESTEN, Europe's Number 1 Open Air City Festival Extravaganza Whatevahyouwannacallit.  On 19th of July we'll be headlining the 50th TREFPUNTFESTIVAL in Baudelohof. So get down there and join the party & good vibes that will be filling the park around 22H30!

MAY 25  -  Album release

Our new album "Party Till The Break Of Dawn" was successfully released, and celebrated with an albumrelease-show in Ghent's premier concertvenue Trefpunt.
And what a celebration it was, just like 2 years ago (when we released the vinylversion of our EP "One Way") a full house, fantastic crowd, great atmosphere & the best vibes a band can dream of.  Thank you Ghent!


Here's a little impression of that night:

MARCH 23  -  Party Till The Break Of Dawn

Now that the recording & mixing & mastering & artwork-design have been done, it's time to get our album released. The 9-track album will be released on 30th of April, and will be named "Party Till The Break Of Dawn".  A name that covers our sound (& our band) pretty well, we think :)   At the top of this site you can see a little preview on how the album will look like.

Meanwhile, we're preparing our new live-set. Starting off at the end of April with 2 warm-up shows, one on April 26 in WETTEREN (
where our rehearsals take place), and another one on April 28 in DEINZE (the place where this band was started). More shows, including a special releaseshow/party will be announced shortly.


MARCH 05  -  New album recorded!

Alright, we've recorded our new album, and are currently mixing & mastering of what will become a 9-track album that will fullfill all your ska/punk/fiesta-needs!

We hope to bring a sneak preview of the album with the next update, so stay tuned!
The album should be out somewhere at the end of April...


There will also be plenty of opportunities to catch us live, see the tour-section of this site for more info etc.

JANUARY 04  -  Happy 2019!   

Happy 2019 everyone! 

After a year filled with great shows & crazy party-people, we look forward to this new year.  We will start the recordings of our new album (something we're really, really excited about) very soon now, and we will -for the first time in years- do an extensive European tour to support the release of the new album, bringing us to countries which we haven't visited yet or haven't visited for years.

First shows of 2019 will be announced shortly, but first... there's an album waiting to get recorded. Stay tuned!!!


OCTOBER 31 -  New album in the works!   


When we started working on our first EP with our current line-up, it became clear that we were boarding the Train to Skaville.  'One Way' was a great EP to introduce the 'new' M*E*S. The first pressing of the album sold out in no time, it was followed by a second pressing and, eventually, a release on vinyl.

As this line-up became tighter, stronger & better, we started working on new ideas as much as busy touring & gigging permitted us. As we speak, we are preparing things for an album to be released in early 2019. We have a few special things in mind for the new release, but will get back to that as soon as full details have been worked out.

PS: Enjoy your Dia de los Muertos!

AUGUST 06  -  Muchas gracias, España!   


Our first ever shows in Spain (in Alicante (26/07), and on the amazing IBOGA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2018 (27/07) in Tavernes de la Valldigna) were such a great experience for our band. We managed to get the crowd on their dancing feet, and did enjoy some great shows from other bands as well. Viva Espana!

Next up: Game of Thrones.   ... Game of Thrones???
Yep, we'll be playing on the Elftopia-festival in Deinze, city where it all started for us.
The Night King of Game of Thrones will also feature on this festival, should be interesting... As soon as we battled the Night King, we'll head down to the greatly named 'Eskimonokini'-festival to stir things up.  Ta!

JUNE 14  -  IBOGA!  España!   


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Mise*En*Scene will play at the IBOGA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2018 in Tavernes de la Valldigna, Spain. 

Not only will this be our first ever show in Spain (country number 28 in which we play, yiha!), we'll also be playing alongside great bands such as The Skatalites, Julian Marley, Russkaja AND we'll play in a CIRCUSTENT, which we always wanted to do...

We'll be playing on Friday 27th of July.

MAY 21  -  England! España!   

Our little Ska/Punk/Gypsy-orchestra will head to England next weekend.
Last year, we played both Strummercamp (Manchester) & Nice'N'Sleazy (Morecambe) on the same day. 2 festivals which we enjoyed very, very much.
Nice'N'Sleazy immediately asked us back for the 2018-edition, so here we go!

M*E*S has also confirmed our first ever show in Spain, this summer. Country number 28 in which we'll be perfoming, if our statistics and memories serve us well :)
More about that in the coming weeks!


APRIL 11  -  Back from tour  

Now that our Eastern-tour is over (some 3000 kms on the road) a quick word of thanks & praise to Andy, Fischer, Jan & Biggi, Flo, Ina, Steini (heavy metal!), Martin, Andor for hosting our crazy little gang. Bedankt, Merci & Vielen Dank to all of you.

Hats off to Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, and The Schabernacks for sharing a stage with us, and some beers here'n'there. Cheers!

Here's a little video compilation of 9 days crammed into 4'30":

MARCH 08  - On The Road Again!  

Far too long since we toured through Europe, time to hit the road again!
At the end of March/beginning of April, we'll be crisscrossing borders again, as we'll play shows in Holland, France, Germany. This tour will Include a festival stop at Prilpop, a visit to Hamburg (something we've been wanting to do for a looooong time!), and a return to our beloved Rattenloch in Schwerte, Germany. 
Looking forward to bring our rebel-fiesta-sounds to all you there! 


Our hometown Ghent, and Trefpunt in particular, proved to be the perfect spot to host our vinyl-releaseshow. We are absolutely thrilled to have seen so many of you there, having a good time. Even though it was a cold winter night, the temparature inside was hotter than hot. Fiesta caliente indeed. Thank you so much for your support!

Here's a little aftermovie we made:


On February 16, we will release the vinyl-version of the "One Way" EP.

Released in April 2017, this EP sold out in a mere 4 months. A second pressing of this album was released in October 2017, and now we're awaiting the black gold aka vinyl-version.
We will celebrate this with release party in Trefpunt, Ghent. More details about that show will follow soon. In the next few days, we will offer a pre-order for the vinyl EP also.


In March/April we're gonna hit the road again, get in touch if you wanna see us play in your favourite bar/club! 

JAN 8   Piratons Bruxelles!

Happy 2018 everyone!

M*E*S started off with a great show in Brussels.
Just like last year, one helluva party was going on when the 10 of us unleashed our partyhardy tunes. Manu (trombone) joined us onstage for this occasion, and since a few weeks Veerle (altsax) boarded the M*E*S-pirateship, so even more ammunition in our brass-sexion.

Brussels set the bar high for what is next to come this year, coming up: our vinyl-release of "One Way", to be released in just a few weeks. Stay tuned!

NOV 28   Great review from Handwritten Magazine

Another great review from our EP "One Way", this time from Handwritten Magazine (Germany).  How beautiful can German language possibly get, part II?

"Wenn ich die Nummern höre, dann bin ich glatt ein wenig neidisch auf die Leute, die mit den Jungs bereist live das Vergnügen hatten und sich nach den Gigs wahrscheinlich hemmungslos mit dem „Kühlen Blonden“ – welches ja gerade in Belgien durchaus mal in der Erdbeer- bzw. Schokoversion gereicht wird – beschütten zu dürfen und somit den einen oder anderen „Control“ Verlust für sich verbuchen zu können. Bei der Nummer verliere aber selbst ich die Kontrolle, ist leider nicht so meins – aber kann ja nicht immer alles passen, gell?!".

We read all kinds of cool stuff in this review like partying, Belgian Beer Culture, geile Offbeat-Nummers mit viel Gebläse und schön wummernden Bässen (rrrrrr!) and losing control while listening to our music. They got the m*e*s-sage!

Cheers und Vielen Dank, Handwritten Magazine! 

NOV 23   Great review from Underdog Fanzine (Germany)

Underdog Fanzine reviewed our EP "One Way".  How beautiful can German language possibly get?

"Zwischen brennende Barrikadenromantik, Brigadenfolklore und Straßentheater sind die Songs Ausdruck von Vielfalt und autonomer Kleinkunst, kollektiver Spielfreude und vor allem eine Einladung zum Tanzen".

"One way" proves a very varied Spielart, ... expressed with Balkan Beats, Mexican Dub, Combat Ska. A fiesta for the senses, a fiery production and rousing melodies to dream, sway and Pogo upon.

Vielen Dank, Underdog Fanzine!

NOV 8   M*E*S signed by Bad Granola Records + upcoming vinyl release of "One Way"

Some great news: Bad Granola Records, a cool label from the UK, will release our EP "One Way" on vinyl! As you may know, the first batch of this EP was sold out only in a few months time. 

The second pressing is out now, and will be distributed by Bad Granola, but there's also a vinyl-version on the way, to be released around X-MAS. 

We're absolutely thrilled to release our album on vinyl, and to be part of the Bad Granola-roster among some great bands such as Skaciety and Bitter Grounds. Yeeeeeaaaah!!!

SEPT 8   This is how we spent our Summer Vacation:
contact / bookings: wearemes(at)
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